The Region

A symphony of contrasts.

Let us Introduce you into a spot of the World in which spaces and time are confused and change with every kilometer. From the immense power of Nature to footprints of Man in his struggle for surviving and defeating the adversity. From the volcanos and salt flats to one of the regions with the greatest biodiversity in the planet. From the first expressions of Man to modern life, going through all civilizations and the unmistakable traces of colonial times. We may, therefore, spend a moment of our life connecting, almost in a patch of ground, with the most incredible landscapes and ancient cultures which are still alive and active. We will have the chance to manage our free time, enjoying days full of intensity and adrenalin along with the relaxing break offered by the new tendencies of the accomodations of the region which combine a traditional style with modern needs of comfort and good food. A world of contrasts which challenges us to the different, That which we may also see and treasure if we do not agree with our life being always the same.